AirScarmush is a hybrid 'board/app' tactical air combat game that runs on a simultaneous turn by turn basis over a board of hexagons. Board and pawns to print and assemble yourself.

Step into the seat of an eager pilot playing the AirScarmush Grand Tactical Flight Context! Experiment with the machines and develop the skills that'll help you fully master your aerial craft.

Confront your friends in thrilling air to air combats and air to ground raids to finally prove who's the greatest pilot of all time.

AirScarmush offers a unique setup to help you easily learn the choices in terms of air combat maneuvers and tactics that will surely lead a pilot to victory.

Strong points of the game:
  • A semi-realistic flight model based on fundamental dynamics rules (energy management, evolving turn rates and turn radiuses based on aircraft type and speed)
  • A system for resolving offensive actions that really takes into account the situation and possible evasive maneuvers in determining success.
  • An intuitive user interface that lets you easily program your next move and present it to your opponent.
  • A simultaneous turn-based game system that leaves no downtime
  • 30 minutes to play a game
  • A Hot Seat mode which allows multiplayer game with a single smartphone
  • 18 events with increasing difficulty
  • 10 types of missions
  • 5 aircraft types
  • 11 weapon/action types
  • A budget board and pawns system to print and assemble yourself